Philippa Matthews
General Practitioner

Philippa Matthews is Primary Care Development and Education Lead for the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The area has the highest prevalence of HIV in the world. She is interested in developing, implementing and testing a sustainable model of care based on the use of triage of HIV patients in primary care (to identify a group which can safely be ‘stepped down’ to annual review). Ultimately she would like to help integrate the care of patients with any long term condition (including HIV) so that HIV care can be destigmatised and normalised. In the whole of Sub Saharan Africa, why not?

For many years she was an inner city GP in Birmingham and London. In the past she has developed strategies for the provision of high quality sexual health care, based on using risk assessment for STI and unwanted pregnancy, with a strong emphasis on targeted prevention. This was therefore also a use of triage, although here in Mtubatuba the use of risk assessment, where the adult prevalence of HIV is 23%, is an irrelevance.

Philippa has a longstanding interest in commissioning, developing and delivering education on sexual health which aims to be highly relevant and practical. She was a Clinical Consultant for Sexual Health in Practice [SHIP] scheme in Birmingham and London. SHIP provided sexual health training, resources and support for the staff of participating practices (95% of practices in Birmingham).